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The Mischivious Princess








                                            Once upon a time, in China there was a very romantic story .It is about a pretty princess who likes to help the poor. The princess is the daughter of the prime minister in a country in China. Her father works in a very big palace with the royal family. The princess also has a big brother who loves her very much. The princess will take any risks to help the poor people. She always cheats, and stole a lot of thing from the rich and greedy people. Her brother only knew her activity. Her brother helps her to keep the secret. When she goes out and does her activity, she will wear a men suit so that no one will recognize her as the prime minister daughter. One day the young and handsome king went out of the palace to see how were his subject live. He went to the small gambling place where the princess does her activity. The king thought that the princess was a friendly man who is the owner of the place. The majesty also hides his identity. He disguise himself as a very rich man.